Video shows bus driver using drugs before crash

SYDNEY, Australia (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Sydney court has been shown video that will send a shiver of fear through anyone who uses public transport.

The video shows 57-year-old Shaun Murphy using the drugs while he is driving until he passes out.

He has admitted to using morphine and a meth like drug called ice.

Murphy smashed into two homes and was nearly speared by a steel gutter.

In court Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and being behind the wheel with drugs in his system. But one of his victims says that's not enough.

"They have to do drug testing, we get tested on the street for alcohol when we drive, what stops them, why can't they be tested before shifts?" said Julie Wren.

Because of his drug addiction, Murphy has applied to have his case heard through a special court.

That means he could walk away with just a six month suspension of his license.