Victims of Malaysia Airlines flight remembered

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - People around the world are remembering the victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Wednesday, as some of the remains of the victims arrive in the Netherlands.

Members of Malaysia's parliament held a moment of silence Wednesday morning to remember the 298 people who lost their lives last week when the plane was shot down over eastern Ukraine.

In the Netherlands, where the doomed flight originated, the entire country is observing an official day of mourning as the first bodies of the crash victims are scheduled to arrive.

Investigators think the rest of the human remains are still at the crash scene and that some of the wreckage has been moved or tampered with.

"We did observe changes in the site, especially the burnt area where the wings and the fuel tanks went down. Fuselage has been moved," said Spokesman for the OSCE, Michael Bociurkiw.

U.S. intelligence officials still believe Russia provided the missile rebels in Ukraine used to shoot down the plane, but they have no hard evidence.

Russian President Vladimir Putin denies his country had any involvement.

Malaysia Flight 17 has taken a lot of the focus off of the actual war going on in eastern Ukraine.

It seems that the war is escalating, especially in Donetsk, where gunshots, mortar grenades and explosions are all being heard by residents.

Donetsk is the only city where pro-Russians are in control.