Verified international Twitter accounts hacked overnight

Twitter logo (MGN Online file photo)

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Dozens of verified twitter accounts were hacked overnight.

At least 25 verified international Twitter accounts appear to have been hacked, among them Amnesty International, Forbes Magazine, BBC North America, and Reuters Japan.

The accounts all have posted content supporting the Turkish president in his feud with Germany and the Netherlands, and include hashtags reading, in Turkish, "Nazi Germany" and "Nazi Holland."

In addition to international organizations, members of the European Parliament and French politicians also were hacked.

The tweets included a swastika and described the attack as a "little Ottoman slap," also saying "see you on April 16."

They link to a four-minute video of the Turkish president, and some of the accounts that are still hacked have had their avatars changed.

At this point, the source of the hack is unknown.

Most of the accounts appear to have used a platform called Twitter Counter to run their accounts.

The company has said they are investigating the breach.

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