Thief caught dragging safe behind his car

SWANSBORO, North Carolina (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A thief was dragged to jail after cops caught him dragging a pharmacy's safe behind his car.

Police say Ryan Mullins was driving down the road with the safe tied to his car with a rope.

He then passed a Swansboro, North Carolina police officer, who caught the whole dumb act on his dash cam.

The officer followed him for a short distance with the safe bouncing on the road before pulling him over.

The woman who called 911 after seeing Mullins steal the safe says, it was a bizarre incident from the beginning.

"Kinda parked over here, and it looked like he was leaving because I sat in my car for a little bit, and then I proceeded to go into the building, still kinda keeping an eye on it, and then I started noticing he tried to put a safe, a very large safe into the back of his trunk. When he could not do so, he started to tie it to his bumper so he could drag it out of our parking lot," said Shawna McCarthy.

Officers say Mullins has a criminal history involving drug-related offenses; they think he was planning to get controlled substances from the safe.