Serious turbulence on flight to North Carolina leads to emergency landing

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - An Allegiant Air flight headed from Fort Lauderdale to Asheville, North Carolina made an emergency landing after hitting some serious turbulence.

Passengers say that when they hit the turbulence the drop was dramatic, some 5,000 feet.

A flight attendant fell and cut her head and face. Three other passengers were also injured.

"It was like getting in a car crash or something. Like you dropped up, everyone, everything threw up for like two seconds. Everyone was like, 'what just happened?'" said Nicolas Harrington.

"She took a beating, she hit the ceiling. She has this gash on her cheek. Actually, she looked a little dazed," said passenger Jeff Adler.

Airport officials say the flight attendant is expected to be fine.

The passengers were offered a full refund if they chose not to fly to their final destination.