Police: Bank robber took part in previous robbery

STOCKTON, California (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Police in Stockton, California have confirmed that a bank robber killed in a recent police shootout and hostage situation was among those suspected in an earlier heist at the same bank branch.

"My family and I wish to offer our heartfelt apology for the entire community for the ripple effects of this tragic event. My heart goes out to them. If I could I would take their pain and carry it for them," said the suspect's father, Gregory Jon Martinez.

Investigators say 27-year-old Alex Gregory Martinez had been among those who robbed the Bank of the West at the end of January.

Detectives linked Martinez to the two robberies by reviewing surveillance video, interviewing witnesses of the robberies and the similar circumstances.

In both cases, investigators say the robbers were dropped off and made their getaway by stealing a bank employee's car.