Investigation into "acoustic" attack on State Department workers in Havana

The U.S. State Department is investigation an incident that seriously injured two of its employees while in Havana, Cuba.

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The U.S. State Department asked two diplomats from Cuba's embassy in Washington D.C. to leave the United States following what is being called an "acoustic" attack.

Newschannel 3 is learning two U.S. officials have serious health problems from the attack in late 2016 which we are learning involved sonic devices.

A State Department official says the two Cubans were asked to leave the country in May, after the Americans in Havana reported a variety of physical symptoms. It is not clear what those symptoms were.

All State Department employees in Havana have been given the option to come home, as officials work to learn exactly what happened.

"It took time to figure out what it was and this is still ongoing," said Heather Nauert, a State Department spokeswoman. "So we're monitoring it, we are providing medical care and concern to those who believe they have been affected by it. And we take this extremely seriously."

Officials say the Cuban Government has assured the U.S. it is investigating.

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