Hiker rescued after falling from mountain pass

SNOQUALMIE PASS, Washington (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A hiker who fell off a Washington mountain pass has been rescued using an iPhone app.

The man fell Saturday afternoon near the Alpental Ski Area just an hour southwest of Seattle.

Volunteers then searched 10 and a half hours for any sign of the man.

But, it was the man's wife that led them to his exact location.

She took a screen shot of where he was, sent it to rescuers and they held up the man's "Find My iPhone App" image over a Google Earth image of the actual mountain to match it.

"We'd still be searching if we didn't have the information off his phone because he wasn't really able to describe where he was," said Peter Linde of the Kings County Sheriff's Office.

The man also assisted crews by flashing his head lamp like a strobe light. This helped the King's County Sheriff rescue helicopter rescue him.

He was taken to a local hospital with unknown injuries.