Hawaii shakes as storms approach

HONOLULU (AP) - Residents of parts of Hawaii have been shaking as they await the arrival of two hurricanes, but it's not out of fear.

Hawaii's Big Island was hit with a 4.5 magnitude earthquake today, just hours before the first of two hurricanes swirling toward the islands was scheduled to hit.

The quake didn't cause any major damage. It struck as residents were waking up to make last-minute trips to grocery stores and boarding up their homes ahead of the first hurricane set to hit the Hawaiian islands in more than two decades.

At a grocery store in Waimea, an employee said the quake felt like a "little jolt," but it didn't knock things off the shelves.

Hurricane Iselle was supposed to weaken as it moved across the Pacific, but it didn't do so. Following close behind is Hurricane Julio, which strengthened early today into a Category 2 storm.

State officials say the islands are ready for the storms. They say people should prepare, but not panic.

Iselle is expected to arrive on the Big Island this evening, bringing heavy rains and winds gusting up to 85 miles an hour, with flooding in some areas. Julio's maximum winds are whipping at 105 miles an hour. Forecasters expect it to get stronger before gradually weakening by tonight.