Families of Flight 17 victims await return of loved ones' remains

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The families of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 are counting down the days until their loved ones' bodies are back home.

The timing is especially urgent in Malaysia.

Monday is the end of Ramadan, when families are together, but not the families of flight 17.

Dora Shahlia was Chief Stewardess on the flight that went down last week in Ukraine.

Her family can't believe she's gone.

"I have to miss her without seeing her," said mother Hasnah Yusof. "When I'm alone, I call for her to come back and cry by myself."

Shahlia worked at Malaysia Airlines for 29 years and was on thousands of flights.

She never worried about coming home until a few weeks ago, when she talked about the still-missing Malaysian flight believed to have gone down in the Indian Ocean.

The bodies will arrive at a mosque just kilometers from the airport.

First, they must be identified, and the process could take months to complete.