Atlanta gym creates controversy with 'no cop' policy

Atlanta gym creates controversy with 'no cop' policy

ATLANTA (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Georgia gym owner is defending his policy of not allowing police officers or military personnel to join his gym.

Jim Chambers owns the Eav Barbell Club, in Atlanta, and he recently made his policy official by putting a sign outside the gym.

Chambers says he believes police officers are violent henchmen of the state.

"My belief is that the American state, the American empire is the most destructive and sadistic force the world has ever seen. What our army does is evil, so I don't want to make somebody stronger so they can go kill Yeminis and North Koreans," Chambers said.

An Atlanta police officer has challenged chambers to a fundraising boxing match, saying it's not about breaking a nose, but bridging the gap.

The money would go towards the Police Athletic League.

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