Arizona's Governor orders review after execution takes over two hours

ARIZONA (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Arizona's Governor is ordering a review of the state's execution process after it took a condemned inmate almost two hours to die.

"He closed his eyes, he went to sleep, then started gasping, and did for more than an hour and a half," said media witness Michael Kiefer.

Arizona's Corrections Director says execution protocols were followed during Joseph Wood's lethal injection and that he was comatose until he died.

Wood was sentenced to death for killing his girlfriend, Debbie Dietz, and her father in 1989.

While witnesses expressed concern for Wood during what appeared to be a botched procedure, the victims' family says the only unjust delay was how long it took the state to carry out the execution.

"Everyone is more worried about well did he suffer? Who really suffered was my dad and my sister when they were killed," said Jeanne Brown.

This is the third time this year a condemned inmate has taken longer than usual to die by lethal injection.

In January, Ohio inmate Dennis McGuire gasped for 26 minutes.

And in April, Oklahoma prison officials halted the execution of inmate Clayton Lockett over a dislodged a needle.

He then died of a heart attack.