Another cease fire attempt in Gaza

GAZA STRIP (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - There is another attempt at a cease fire in Gaza after the last one collapsed after just two hours.

A seven-hour truce is now underway, as Israel announces it's withdrawing most of its troops from Gaza.

Israel's humanitarian cease-fire went into effect Monday morning.

It comes after mounting international pressure to halt the fighting in this month-long war that's killed nearly 2,000 people.

Adding to that death toll is an Israeli air strike near a U.N. school that was sheltering thousands of displaced Palestinians. 10 people died there Sunday.

Israel says they were targeting three terrorists.

But a spokeswoman from the State Department says U.S. administration is appalled by this quote -- "disgraceful attack."

The U.N. calls it a moral outrage and a criminal act that their shelters should be safe zones, not combat zones.

"These are premises that are protected, the sanctity of which has to be respected by all parties," said Pierre Krahenbuhl of the U.N. Agency for Palestinian Refugees.

Israeli ground troops started leaving Gaza Sunday, noting they have destroyed most of the Hamas-built tunnels linking Gaza with Israel.

"We have indeed scaled down some of the presence and indeed urged Palestinians in certain neighborhoods to come back to their homes," said Israeli Defense Forces Spokesman Peter Lerner.

Monday's cease-fire does not apply to all of Gaza, just to areas where troops have withdrawn.

Israel says it will respond if it's attacked during this seven-hour window.

Meanwhile, Hamas officials have not officially accepted this temporary truce and are vowing to continue the fight.