Gov. Snyder discusses plans to help Michigan education

Gov. Snyder discusses plans to help Michigan education

LANSING, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Last week we brought you a one on one interview with Governor Rick Snyder about the successes and challenges he faced this year.

Tonight, we sit down with the governor to talk about some key issues that could impact your wallet, your kids' education, and the economy in the new year.

Governor Rick Snyder is trying to make Michigan a top ten education state.

But this year's MSTEP results showed some improvements and setbacks.

In the English language portion of the test, 47.3% of students passed, which is a half percent decrease from last year. And in social studies, a one percent decrease.

Where the state saw gains was in the math and science portion of the test, but the M-STEP showed less than forty percent of Michigan students are proficient in math and science.

"There's clearly more work to be done. We need to do better. One of the things that would be good over time is to get more stability in the testing," Snyder said.

As his administration tries to help public schools, the Governor is also looking at helping Michiganders in the North with their high electric rates.

"I think we have done more for energy policy in the UP than had been done for decades," he said.

He's already cut the surcharge for many customers in the UP and he says another power plant is being built in Northern Michigan.

"We should just stop there. One of the things, I made a request to MISO--which is kind of the Midwestern utility regulators--is in some fashion can we connect the upper and lower peninsula or connecting the up with Ontario as additional options," Snyder said.

When it comes to southwest Michigan, Snyder says he's working with people like Senator Gary Peters to bring a missile defense system to the state, which would help the economy in Battle Creek.

"I would love to see it come to Battle Creek. I'm a Battle Creek boy. That's my hometown, so that would be a big win in terms of getting that put in place," he said.

We're expecting the announcement of where the missile defense system will call home next year.

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