Young men accused of entering high school to set up scavenger hunt

EAST GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - East Grand Rapids police were called to the East Grand Rapids High School on August 15th after three masked individuals ended the building with suspicious packages.

It happened overnight. K-9 officers were brought in, as was the bomb squad. Investigators say that the packages did not pose a security risk.

Police were able to identify one of the suspects because he spoke to an employee who encountered him at the school. Three other suspects were later identified.

Police say that the three men who were at the school were creating an elaborate riddle/scavenger hunt type adventure within the service tunnels under the high school. The fourth suspect, who was a juvenile at the time, is accused of taking the keys that were used to gain access to the building.

The three men, all 18-years-old, have been identified as Peter Donnelly, Nicholas Emery and Troy Gotch. They have all had warrants issued for illegal entry, malicious destruction of property and possession of stolen property.

The fourth individual is facing two counts of larceny.