Will Bacon stay home? Kalamazoo commissioners to vote tonight on pot-belly pig permit


A Kalamazoo man will learn tonight whether he will be able to keep his pet, Bacon, a pot-belly pig.

City ordinances prohibit the keeping of pigs without a special exemption, which Bacon lacks. But his owner, Joshua Garcia, who lives in the Milwood neighborhood, is seeking permission before the city commission tonight.

The city commission is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. in the City Commission Chambers.

The lack of that special exemption was discovered in June, during the investigation of an unfounded complaint from a neighbor about the home's condition. A public safety officer discovered Bacon was living at the home without a special permit.

The department threatened to remove the pig from the home, but Garcia applied for the special permit.

Garcia said he’ll be devastated if he must get rid of Bacon.

It's unclear how many special permits like this the city has granted in the past.


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