West Michigan hit-and-run victim in prison for domestic violence


KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A West Michigan father who received an outpouring of support after a hit-and-run driver nearly killed his children has just been booked into prison after he pleaded guilty to domestic violence involving a brutal attack on his girlfriend in front of his children.

Newschannel 3's Nicky Zizaza spoke with the survivor who said the beating went on for hours.

Court records show David Badham, 45, has a checkered criminal past including numerous domestic violence charges.

Angela Parmelee, the ex-girlfriend of Badham, said she is living in fear after he physically abused her.

Parmelee saw Newschannel 3's report of a Kalamazoo father desperate for answers after a hit and run crash in November 2016 and said she was heartbroken.

She said, "I thought I was doing great things for them. I thought I was helping them out. I loved him, I loved his kids."

She knew Badham through a relative and soon after they met a relationship bloomed.

Parmelee said, "In February we started dating. It started off really well. The kids loved me and called me mommy and it was really cute and sweet."

On May 8 Parmelee said things got violent in the house she shared with Badham and his two kids.

She said, "I went to lay down, he turned the TV on and when I asked him to turn it off and that I need to get some sleep, for some reason that made him mad and he hit me on the back of the head four times. When I started to cry he went to hit me on the back of the head again and he ended up bruising my hand and he rolled on top of me and called me names and choked me."

A volatile and violent relationship she says was fueled by his uncontrollable temper. And after the 4-hour attack in front of his two children she says she managed to escape.

Parmelee said, "He told the kids come give mommy a hug she isn't feeling very well. Then I told him I needed to use the bathroom and he told me he needed a hug and he let me up and I ran out the front door to the police station right there and it was cold that morning and I'm just wearing a shirt and shorts and called the police."

Court documents show Badham was arrested and held on a $10,000 bond and pleaded guilty on May 30.

As a 3rd time domestic violence offender a judge sentenced him to 2 to10 years in prison, but even behind bars Badham is still trying to charm Parmelee through cards and letters.

Records show Badham was transported to prison on Thursday, July 13.

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