Vandal drives front-end loader into Centreville school

Maintenance crew members work to pull a front-end loader from the wall of Centreville High School. | Ray Hole/WWMT Channel 3

Centreville High School has a broken wall and a shattered window near the principal's office this morning, after a vandal hopped on a front-end loader and drove it into the side of the building overnight.

The school district is doing some construction on the parking lot, and the front-end loader was parked on the site overnight. St. Joseph County Sheriff Bradley Balk confirmed today that the bucket on the front-end loader broke the window and knocked out part of the building wall.

Investigators said they were able to recover fingerprints and DNA evidence from the front-end loader. Also, a witness told deputies that a small, black pickup was visible leaving the school property about the time it happened.

The sheriff's department is investigating the incident.

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