Van Buren Co. family reacts after man tries to get into their home

MATTAWAN, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - There were scary moments for a Van Buren County family as deputies arrested a man trying to break into their house.

The sheriff's office says it happened Saturday morning in the 43000 block of Woodland Blvd., outside of Mattawan.

The suspect is long gone but his dangerous presence still looms around the family's home.

"My wife and I woke up and heard a noise," says the homeowner.

The family doesn't want to be identified because they're still too shaken up. That was just after 6 a.m. They first heard someone trying to break-in through a back door.

"The other noise was the screen being torn off my son's bedroom in the basement."

The father of the family says he looked outside and saw a pair of shoes on his back patio. Then he heard someone outside. They all stayed inside, and called 9-1-1.

Sheriff's deputies arrived and say they found a 21-year-old man from Paw Paw hiding in brush next to the house. He was barefoot, with a busted screen next to him.

The homeowner says the man "could barely standup, very belligerent. He was resisting arrest. He's in a lot of trouble."

The suspect told deputies he thought he was at a friend's house -- and was trying to get in because he needed to use the bathroom.

The homeowner says it was "very strange, the officer said there isn't a lot of activity like this out here."

Whatever the reason, he's been arrested for attempted home invasion and resisting arrest. The family says they hope this serves as a simple reminder to everyone to keep homes locked up because you never know who could come by and try to get in.

"If you have those windows and doors locked, that's what kept this intruder from coming into our house."

Charges are now going to the prosecutor's office.