Tuesday is Primary Day across Michigan

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(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Tuesday is the August primary in Michigan, and many voters will be using new voting machines for the first time.

Voters in South Haven, Grand Rapids and Holland will all vote on city council races Tuesday. There are also several schools, including Barry ISD, Hastings, Lawton and Allendale, that have proposals on the ballots as well.

For some voters, they will get to use the new voting machines slowly rolling out around the state.

After problems were discovered during the recount of the presidential election in 2016, state leaders invested in the new systems.

Some counties are starting to use them for the August primary, while others will roll them out in November and next year.

Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, who oversees the state elections, explained there has never been widespread voter fraud in Michigan, but the state is still taking steps to make the process even more secure.

"We have really tightened the reigns in Michigan," said Secretary Johnson. "We have gotten one out of six people off our qualified voter file because they were dead, had moved or they were non citizens. we have turned over 31 names to the Attorney General of people who voted twice."

Secretary Johnson says the new system still is not connected to the internet, so there will still be a paper trail from the paper ballots.

If you would like to check your ballot to see if there are any votes happening in your area for Tuesday's primary election, visit here.

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