Three Rivers football angered following penalty called due to high school band


(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Concerned parents reached out to Newschannel 3 to seek clarity on a penalty handed out after a touchdown during a high school football game Thursday night.

Three Rivers was penalized during Thursday night's matchup with Plainwell, after the band continued to play the fight song while the team was running its next play.

Friday, the Michigan High School Athletic Association tells Newschannel 3 that referees have the right to limit noise and disruptions during plays. Those rules also apply to high school bands.

The MHSAA says if bands don't heed the ref's first noise warning, a second disruption could lead to a loss of yards.

"Usually these situations are reserved when it's one band doing it while the other team is trying to snap the ball. From what I understand in this situation it was their own team that was in play here. But regardless, the rule applies both ways and the officials are just trying to keep the game from being disrupted by outside forces," said MHSAA spokesperson John Johnson.

The MHSAA develops sports rules for more than 600 Michigan schools.

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