Thousands in New York rally for man killed in police chokehold

NEW YORK (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Eric Garner died last month after a New York City police officer allegedly put him in a fatal chokehold while placing him under arrest.

Jericka Duncan takes a look back at the video that ignited national outrage.

Protesters showed their grief and anger at the We Will Not Go Back march in Staten Island Saturday.

Protestor Rita Haywood says, "We are here supporting those who have lost their lives at the hands of ignorance."

Cell phone video ignited national outrage in July, when a police officer used a chokehold to subdue Eric Garner. The unarmed 43-year-old died an hour later. The New York City medical examiner ruled his death a homicide.

Garner's wife broke down as protesters marched past the sidewalk where the incident occurred.

Gwen Carr, Garner's mother, says, "I'm hoping this will bring justice for my son. That's all we're asking for, is justice."

Protesters walked by the district attorney's office, which has agreed to present the Garner case to a grand jury to begin considering criminal charges.

Police chokeholds are banned in New York City.

The Rev. Al Sharpton says, "People by the thousands want to see police reform. This is not anti-police, but it is anti-police violating the law."

The NYPD had a large presence at the rally. Uniformed officers were joined by community police officers dressed in polo shirts and pants. Authorities didn't want to appear threatening to a crowd determined to move forward.