Sudden closure of Kalamazoo child care center has parents upset

Sudden closure of Kalamazoo child care center has parents upset.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A sudden closure of a Kalamazoo child care center has several parents upset.

The Cork Street Child Development Center is shutting its doors in just two weeks.

The director told Newschannel 3 Tuesday what's ahead for the space.

To the families affected by the sudden closure of this childcare center, directors of the Foundation for Behavior Resources say they want to apologize, but that they had to make a business decision.

As the doors will soon close on children at this childcare center, they'll open once again to care for senior citizens in the area.

"We're also meeting a critical community need which is to have a place for seniors who need extra support in the day and cannot stay at home in their residence," said WMU Director of Unified Clinics Carol Sundberg.

WMU and human service directors say they made a deal with the CDC in July. Now, the adult day care service will renovate and move into this building by spring 2018.

"The child development center is ideally set up. It has a yard, it has a nice structure that will work very well for our seniors," said Sundberg.

Directors say they've been providing this service to the elderly community for 17 years.

"But we've never had a home, we've always been in rented facilities. I think this is our third or fourth place that we're in. currently we operate out of a church," Sundberg said.

Directors say their future permanent home will help them better serve the aging adults, many living with Alzheimer's or dementia.

"The cost of long term care is very expensive and people don't want to leave their home, people want to stay at home when they age," said Sundberg.

The Director of the Foundation for Behavior Resources says he wants to apologize to families affected by the sudden closure. They are having to work around the university's schedule.

He says there's room for most families at another Child Development Center three miles away, if they choose to go there.

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