Study: Americans seeking higher-quality food

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Could fast food be phasing out in the United States? According to a study by financial services firm Janney Capital Markets, the traditional burger and fries is no longer a favorite among Americans.

McDonald's is still holding steady on top with sales of $35.9 million in 2013. That's compared to Wendy's $8.8 million and Burger King's $8.5 million.

Analysts say Americans are turning to more-upscale chains like Starbucks or Panera.

They're also looking for higher-quality food.

Meanwhile, analysts say McDonald's has managed to stay on top because it has had a huge presence in the country for decades.

In the meantime, McDonald's is struggling over a meat scandal in China. Last month a Chinese television report showed workers at one a McDonald's meat supplier in Shanghai using expired meat.

While the issue has only impacted meat in China, it's made a huge dent in the fast food restaurant's image worldwide.

The company says its regional and global sales forecast for this year is now at risk.