Struck on his motorcycle, local man wants the driver who left the scene to come forward

VICKSBURG, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - After a Vicksburg man was sideswiped by a car and left for dead, his family hopes the driver who hit him turns himself in to police.

Newschannel 3 talked to the victim about what happened.

Scott Phillips says he's lucky to be alive, a few more inches and it would have been a head-on collision.

It was just before 11:30 last Tuesday night, when Phillips was driving his motorcycle home from work.

He was on XY Avenue near 14th in Vicksburg and driving over a small hill.

"Come up the other side and it was just headlights and thud," said Phillips.

Phillips remembers seeing the vehicle cross the center line, then smash into the left side of his Harley.

He says the pain was immediate, and excruciating.

"I really didn't want to look down at my foot to see what was going on with it, but I guess the hard part for me was looking in the rear view mirror and not seeing headlights coming over the hill of the vehicle, someone to come check on me," said Phillips.

With a broken ankle, Phillips somehow kept his Harley upright and drove himself to the emergency room.

His wife Jamie tells us she's thankful his injuries weren't serious, but can't help feeling angry over what happened.

"I can't comprehend how somebody can hit something that large, not know it, continue on, and leave somebody out there, you don't know if they're alive," said Jamie Phillips, Scott's wife.

It'll cost a couple thousand dollars to fix the Harley and Phillips will need to take three months off work to recover.

After a close call, Phillips says he wants the person who hit him to know this.

"Maybe dig down deep and fess up you know, or however you want to deal with it, you can't leave someone in the country like that to fend for themselves," said Phillips.

Phillips says he never got a good description of the vehicle that hit him.

He also says that while he didn't wear a helmet when he rode his motorcycle, after this, he's changed his mind.