Small business owner taking on Amash in primary

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - One of the highest profile races you'll be voting on next week is the Third District congressional race.

You've probably seen numerous television advertisements on the air the past few months going back and forth between two republicans in the race.

One name you probably know in this primary. That's Justin Amash. He's the incumbent seeking his third term in office in the House of Representatives.

This time around he's got a challenge in the primary from Brian Ellis, a small business owner from Grand Rapids.

Most of the population in this district is in Kent and Calhoun Counties.

Amash and Ellis in recent days and weeks have gone back and forth. Ellis, quoting a member of Congress in one television advertisement, says Representative Amash is quote "Al Qaeda's best friend in Congress." Ellis also called out some of what he believes are bizarre votes by the congressman.

Amash has called Ellis the establishment candidate and even portrayed him as a spy who supports spying and surveillance.

Ultimately Ellis had to make up a nearly fifty point lead from where he started and this is the latest poll showing the incumbent with a 20-point lead on the challenger.

The last five polls have shown Amash up by about that much.

This past weekend the representative answered our questions and tells us why he likes being called the Washington outsider.

"I am an outsider, because I represent ordinary Americans and the Washington insiders are there to represent big government and big corporate interests. Many times I'm there to represent regular people I still feel like an outsider all the time because I'm standing up to the Washington establishment," said Amash.

Over the last week we asked for comment from Brian Ellis as part of this story. We received a response Thursday morning that he couldn't rearrange his schedule before our deadline.

The winner will face democratic challenger Bob Goodrich in November