Situation in Missouri generating discussion in W. Mich.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The situation in Ferguson is generating discussion in West Michigan as well.

Community members in Kalamazoo sat down Thursday night to talk about solutions to what's being dubbed an 'urban crisis.'

"I think that the culture of police across the country needs to check themselves, and really...really think about how they can develop a new philosophy towards dealing with the African-American community and towards young people, period," said Jonathan Jelks, with Empower Michigan.

Empower Michigan is organizing events across the state to focus on solutions to issues facing the West Michigan community.

They brought in community leaders and residents to talk about things like education, employment, and racial profiling, as well as ways to make opportunities available for everyone--no matter what neighborhood they live in.

Speakers commended Kalamazoo Public Safety for their work to educate officers with diversity and racial sensitivity training, but say the area still has a long way to go.