Saturday marks one year since unsolved murder of Alfred Minka

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Saturday will mark one year since an elderly Kalamazoo man was found dead inside his home.

In January, Kalamazoo Public Safety told us they were zeroing in on Alfred Minka's neighbor, but it's now been one year since the 88-year-old was found dead and no arrests have been made.

Minka' was found dead inside his home by his neighbor in August of 2013.

The coroner ruled he was killed by blunt force trauma.

According to search warrant requests signed by a judge in September, Minka's neighbor admitted to police he was addicted to crack cocaine and had extreme financial difficulties.

Investigators say the neighbor was also seen driving Minka's car the day of the murder, yet no arrests have been made.

Minka's family and police still pleading for those who have any information to come forward.

"Sometimes over time people remember things or maybe people who are involved or know something talked to someone else, so there may be some information out there that we are unaware of," said KDPS Chief Jeff Hadley.

"If anybody knows anything please come forward, it is hard to think that there is somebody out there that could do this to an 88-year-old individual, and that they might want to do this to somebody again someday and nobody should have to go through this," said Arnis Minka.

KDPS has told Newschannel 3 they are still investigating and do not know when they will bring the case to the prosecutor at this time.

We will keep you updated.