Portage accountant to spend over 35 years in prison

CENTREVILLE, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Portage accountant, convicted of killing his boss, will spend more than 35 years in prison.

Andrew Brown was sentenced Friday morning in Centreville.

Police say last year, Brown shot David Locey three times in the head, at his accounting office in Sturgis.

A jury convicted him of second-degree murder.

Andy Brown sat silently, listening through his entire three week trial, but broke his silence Friday at his sentencing hearing, in what was an emotional day in court for everyone involved.

"Although I have made mistakes in the past, I'm innocent of these charges," Brown said in court, wiping away tears.

Brown offered his sympathies to Locey's family, but insisted that he did not kill him.

"I'd like this court to know that despite mistakes I've made, that I'm a loving person, with a big heart, and I am innocent," he said.

In June, Brown was convicted of second-degree murder for the death of his accounting partner.

Friday, Locey's son Jeff asked for the maximum sentence.

"In the past, he has been given numerous second chances, both from others as well as my father," Jeff said. "If he doesn't have the ability to learn from his own mistakes, I feel we must then take it upon ourselves as a society to learn from his mistakes and not allow Andy Brown to make any more decisions for himself."

Jeff Locey put up pictures of his father as he spoke, saying he wanted people to see David Locey as he remembered him.

"Andy Brown has clearly shown us all he does not belong in society, he does not abide by society's norms or laws, and he still to this day has not shown any emotion or remorse for his actions," Jeff said.

St. Joseph County Prosecutor John McDonough also asked that the judge go beyond sentencing guidelines.

The judge's decision was to sentence Brown at the high end of the guidelines--to between 37 and 75 years.

Brown's attorneys say they are appealing the conviction.