Police, witnesses react after four are shot near WMU

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Kalamazoo Public Safety has some strong words as another weekend erupts in violence.

Four people are recovering Sunday night after a shooting at an off-campus apartment near Western Michigan University.

It happened at about 3 a.m. Sunday morning at the Campus Habitat apartment complex on the 600 block of South Howard Street.

Newschannel 3's Jessica Wheeler has the warning from police for those responsible for the recent uptick in violence.

After another weekend of violence, Kalamazoo Public Safety officials tell Newschannel 3 that changes are going to be made.

One witness who didn't want to be seen on-camera says he "heard about 12 to 15 gunshots. It was like a 'bang-bang-bang.'"

Another witness says, "People were screaming, 'Call the police, people are hurt, people got shot!'"

A parking lot was full of people at a party at Campus Habitat apartments early this morning. A fight broke out, with dozens of shots being fired.

Witnesses describe complete chaos. Mohammed Saadey says, "What I see is just people scattered everywhere, people running out of that building over there, carrying injured people over there."

Lt. Stacey Geik of Kalamazoo Public Safety says, "At this point in the investigation, it's obvious that there were multiple people engaging in gun fire back and forth."

For the officers responding, it was chaos, too. Geik says, "It was a very difficult and chaotic scene to manage. We had multiple people with gunshot wounds, several people had fled on foot, some people had been transported to a local hospital and some remained on scene. We had to sort out witnesses and gather lots of physical evidence. And then try to hunt down suspects."

We watched as officers gathered evidence at the scene for more than five hours. Dozens of evidence markers were placed and crime scene technicians took pictures, searching for clues.

Many of the residents Newschannel 3 spoke with say they now fear for their safety, just feet from campus.

A witness says, "I guess, kind of question when you live on a college campus and you think you're safe and everything and you don't know what's going on."

Kalamazoo Public Safety officials tell Newschannel 3 they plan to do everything in their power to change that. "We are going to aggressively enforce all laws and ordinances to remove guns from the streets and try to minimize the gun violence," Geik says.

For the officers responding to this summer's violence they have a message for the people of Kalamazoo. Geik says, "The people who reside in the city of Kalamazoo deserve better. The quality of life has been and will be better than this and we are going to bring bad people to jail, I assure you of that."

At this point no suspects are in custody. All of the victims are expected to survive. None of them are WMU students.