Police say assault victim had chance to call for help when suspect’s wife came home early

Dontrel Williams

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A Kalamazoo man is in custody, accused of kidnapping a girl from a bus stop, sexually assaulting her, and then putting her in a closet.

Newschannel 3 has learned that Dontrel Williams is being held in the Kalamazoo County Jail on kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct charges.

It’s a story Newschannel 3 broke overnight and we’ve been following it all day, gathering new information.

Police say around 8:00 pm Wednesday night, a thirteen-year-old girl was waiting for the bus at Clinton and Portage when a man pulled up, forced her into his car, and drove her back to his house about a half mile down the road.

Newschannel 3 had the only camera at the scene as detectives searched that house.

Police say the teen had called 911 from a closet, telling dispatcher she had been abducted and then sexually assaulted by her abductor.

Police say the only reason the teen had the opportunity to make that call for help was because the man’s wife had unexpectedly returned home.

Police were able to trace the call, find the girl, and ultimately arrest the man, who they say confessed on Wednesday night.

The suspect has not been formally charged yet, but the address of the house comes back to Dontrel Williams, who is currently in jail on kidnapping and criminal sexual conduct charges.

Police say it does not appear that Williams knew the victim.

“A lot of times we find out the crimes are just crimes of opportunity,” said Capt. Victor Ledbetter, Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, “somebody’s alone, somebody’s vulnerable and things just happen. I don’t think this was something that was premeditated, I don’t think this was something that on this day, on this time, I’m going to do this, I think it was just an opportunity and he pounced upon it.”

People who live in the area say they are just shocked to learn what happened. One neighbor says she rushed over when she saw all the police cars Wednesday night and found a woman she believed to be the suspect’s wife in hysterics.

“She called his name, ‘Dontrel, she said, please please, what happened, nobody said what’s going, on just let me die,’ and I took her and we got her to the curb,” said Sheree Brown. “I helped her off the ground and tried to show some comfort.”

Newschannel 3 did a background check on Dontrel Williams and learned he has never served prison time in Michigan and has only faced minor charges in Kalamazoo, like retail fraud. He is expected to be arraigned Friday. Newschannel 3 will continue to follow this case and provide updates.

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