Police reminding people in Comstock area to lock cars after rash of burglaries

Police reminding people in Comstock area to lock cars after rash of burglaries (FILE)

COMSTOCK, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Police are reminding people to lock their car doors after rash of overnight burglaries from unlocked cars.

Police in the Comstock area are calling it a crime of opportunity, as the thief enters the unlocked car, steals whatever is in reach, and if they're lucky and the keys are in the ignition, they'll drive away.

It may sound like common sense. Lock your car, lock your house and keep valuables out of sight.

But it happened to some people who live on Morrow Street, near the train tracks in Comstock, like Aaron Wagner.

"I was going to say this just doesn't happen here, but I can't say that anymore because it happens here now," he said.

Deputies say the most recent larcenies happened on Grange, Morrow, and East Michigan on Tuesday.

"It's a violation, it's like somebody waltzing into your home, your vehicle," he said.

Brazen thieves are stealing items from unlocked cars, or even driving away with the car themselves.

"You would be amazed at what we found out about each of those stolen cars, the keys were in them," said Kalamazoo County Sheriff Richard Fuller.

And following the string of larcenies from vehicles, Sheriff Fuller says there is another common thread.

"One thing that we've noticed over and over and over in all these cases is that people leave their cars unlocked. People leave their wallets in plain view in the car; people are leaving their purse in plain view in a car. These are things that shouldn't even be in a car," he said.

According to this crime mapping app there have been at least a dozen car larcenies in this area in less than a month.

"What I want people to hopefully understand is, you need to lock it or you're going to lose it," Sheriff Fuller said.

"I will definitely be locking car doors, house doors and maybe even for a while anyway, peeking out the window," Wagner said.

Police say they have been monitoring these incidents for more than a month, and have interviewed some suspects.

One neighbor tells us that she bought and installed security cameras, which she hopes will deter potential thieves.

But the sheriff says the best way to prevent this is to just lock your doors.

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