Police looking for two men after daylight robbery near WMU campus

Police say the man on the left is a suspect in an armed robbery near the WMU campus. They say the man pictured on the right is a person of interest in connection to the case.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Police are looking for two men tonight after a brazen robbery in broad daylight near the Western Michigan University campus.

Nobody was hurt in the ordeal, but the victims tell us they're definitely shaken up.

The roommates tells us after forcing his way inside, the suspect made the men tie themselves up during the robbery.

The suspect--who police say the victims didn't know--was first captured by security footage, walking across the parking lot of Kendall Village Townhomes.

"You can see him walk from here all the way to the front door," said one victim, Bobby Toth.

He knocks, and when nobody answers he goes around back.

"My roommate unlocked the door. And he had forced his way in. As soon as the gun was drawn, not much my roommate could do," Toth said.

Toth says the suspect ordered him and another roommate to stay down, then began ripping out electrical cords in the room, and demanded they tie themselves up.

"Alright, you tie his wrist and ankles and wrist behind his back...and then he had me tie my own ankles...then he tied my wrist then we were laying on the ground," Toth said.

A third roommate, who didn't wish to be identified, woke up when the robber came in his room with a gun.

"Had me crawl out of my room, put a gun to the back of my head, and asked me where all my money was in my room," he said.

Police say the suspect stole money and other items from the men before leaving.

The roommates untied themselves and called police a short-time late. They say the suspect may have been at their house before.

"We think he was here. Heard from a friend we had some nice stuff, or was here for a party maybe a week or two ago," Toth said.

"Students will throw parties, open their door and let anyone inside that wants to come in," said Sergeant Kristie Hofer, with the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety.

Sgt. Hoefer says a case like this is something police see often around college campuses.

"If not that night, all their items come up missing; then maybe suspects will come back down the road and know what's there," she said.

In addition to the suspected robber, police are calling a second man, with a beard, a person of interest in connection to the robbery. They say he was seen driving a white Ford Crown Victoria.

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