Police investigating after teen jumped on South Haven beach

North Beach - South Haven (WWMT)

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Right now South Haven police are actively investigating a fight that sent a teenager to the hospital.

The 16 year old's dad tells us his son and his girlfriend were jumped by a group of teens they didn't know.

Randy Rose says the couple was approached by about 8 teenagers Tuesday night on North Beach asking them if they wanted to fight. He says his son got at least a dozen kicks to the head nearly causing a concussion. Rose says he was shocked to hear about the violence.

"For 35 years I've come to this beach and it's always been a great place, and South Haven is a great place," says Rose. But he says his views may change now that his 16-year-old son and the boy's girlfriend were randomly beaten by a group of teens.

"One went up to his girlfriend and said 'Do you want to fight?' And that's the only thing she said," says Rose. "And she said no. Never saw these people before in their life, didn't say a word to them."

Rose is hoping to get information from neighbors who may have seen or heard the group that jumped his son and kicked him in the head.

"Why they get a thrill out of beating someone, holding him down and beating him. I mean, those are cowards," says Rose.

Sgt. Kyle Griffith says police have a head start on leads. "One person had multiple warrants and was arrested on those from other jurisdictions. And during investigations also discovered one of the cars involved was stolen and that's since been recovered."

While police keep their eyes out for the attackers, Rose has been going door to door, asking the community to do the same.

"Anybody who was down here who saw it, who heard about it, who sees it on Facebook or Snapchat, because these kids were bragging about it, so they'll probably put it up," says Rose. "They'll probably be dumb enough to put it up on Facebook."

Rose says he does plan to press charges when the attackers are tracked down.

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