Police credit social media with identifying Clementine's 'dine and dash' suspects

Police credit social media with identifying Clementine's 'dine and dash' suspects

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Police say social media helped catch a group of people who ran up a huge tab at a local restaurant, and created a diversion to dine and dash.

South Haven Police tell us Clementines posted pictures from surveillance video onto Facebook.

As soon as the post got a lot of buzz, the accused dine and dashers turned themselves in to police.

Investigators tell us they're now interviewing all five people who Clementines says ditched the $160 check.

Police say surveillance video shows three people going to the bathroom after they'd finished their meals.

Restaurant managers claim the three were pretending to choke.

The group left the bathroom, and then all five people walked out of the restaurant with the bill still on the table.

Police say most restaurants have security cameras indoors.

The lead investigator tells us Clementines made a smart decision to post surveillance pictures to get the word out fast.

She tells us people should think twice before dining and dashing now that the chances of getting caught are much higher.

"We started getting calls from some of the suspects who were identified on social media," said Officer Shawn Olney, with South Haven Police. "Clementines for sure didn't deserve it. They're definitely a long-standing business in our community that we are thankful for."

Clementines is thanking the public and power of social media for quickly helping officers in this case.

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