Peace walk remembers victims of Kalamazoo violence

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Hundreds of people walk with a mother of a Kalamazoo murder victim.

Toni McGhee is behind the peace march, but she also has another mission -- opening a safe place for kids to get off the streets. She hopes selling t-shirts is the first step to calming down tensions in Kalamazoo.

Newschannel 3's Julia Fello is amongst those walking, who say they have a mission to save lives. She's live in Kalamazoo.

The walk started at Farrell Park. Many marchers are wearing those t-shirts, featuring faces of murder victims.

McGhee says it's been her crusade to help children's lives. Those t-shirts she's selling have 42 faces of those killed, dating back to 2003. That includes her son, Andre Reason, who was killed back in 2003.

A year after her son was killed, McGhee started Toni's Praise Place on Burdick Street as a safe haven for young children and teens, but it closed down two years ago. She hopes this walk will help more people help share in her mission.

McGhee says, "We all care about these people that lost their lives. They have lots of family that loves them, they care and we care about them. I wanted to take something painful and turn it into praise, take something bad and turn it into something good, so I wanted to help other kids be safe."

If you missed Saturday's walk, there will also be a showing of the movie "Trigger," which is about violence and its effects on cities. That's happening at the First Presbyterian Church on Sept. 24 at 6:15 p.m.