Paw Paw man in jail after home invasion

MATTAWAN, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Paw Paw man is in jail after a man attempted home invasion in Van Buren County home.

Deputies tell Newschannel 3 it happened in the 43000 block of Woodland Blvd. in Mattawan Saturday morning.

The homeowner tells Newschannel 3 he heard a scraping at a basement bedroom window. He also found two screens had been broken and a strange pair of shoes on the deck.

Deputies say they found the 21-year-old suspect, barefoot, trying to hide in a wooded area near the home. They found one of the broken screens nearby. They say when they tried to arrest the suspect, he resisted.

The suspect told deputies he thought he knew the people who lived in the home and was trying to get in. Deputies arrested the man for attempted home invasion and resisting arrest.