New cellphone service warns friends, relatives if you go off grid

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A free cellphone service promises to keep track of you and warn your friends and relatives if you go off the grid.

It's called KiteString, and it allows you to enter your phone number and the number of an emergency contact.

KiteString then checks in with you by text message at a time you set in advance.

If you answer the text, nothing changes.

But if you don't respond, KiteString automatically sends an alert to your emergency contact.

"I see it as a very empowering tool for crime victims because part of what happens when a crime is committed is a loss in confidence, and I can see this getting some self-confidence back," said Cathy Gurley, who works with crime survivors.

"I think it's a great idea," said bartender Laura Dahl. "I think everyone should go ahead and use it."

Designers say the service is designed for joggers, frequent travelers, and late-night workers.

For more information about KiteString, click here.