Mother of missing teen urges parents to keep track of social media usage

MARSHALL, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A news conference at 9:00 Wednesday morning is expected to shed more light on what happened to a Marshall teenager reported missing, then found alive in Georgia.

Police tell us the 29-year-old man who Hannah Amaro was found with is not cooperating with them right now.

They say every angle is being investigated, from potential sex trafficking to criminal sexual conduct.

State police tell us the 14-year-old met the man on Skype last month and was keeping it a secret.

They say when Hannah left with the 29-year-old on Saturday all her activity on social media stopped and the missing person case became serious.

Police say it's possible the suspect may have solicited other teens online and right now they are tracking his social media footprint to see what else he could be involved in.

State police say they were able to link him to Hannah online.

"We did some analysis through different media sites and established him as a possible," said Lt. Chuck Christensen, with Michigan State Police.

Hannah's mom also is now encouraging every parent to have access to their teen's phone.

"We are furious about that I'm not going to lie. I don't know what makes somebody think it is okay to do something with somebody that much younger than them," said Any Ellis.

We wanted to know what you can do to protect and monitor your kids on social media sites like Skype and Facebook.

First-- communicate. Talk with your children about the risks associated and who they are talking to.

Second-- monitor apps. Know what apps your children have on their mobile devices.

Third-- be in the know about social media sites. Know what social media sites and tools they use get on them yourself and "friend" them so that you can monitor their pages for potential signs of trouble.

Fourth-- gain access. Know their passwords so you and check in and see who they are talking to.

Finally-- install a monitoring system on your computer. It will let allow you to see what your child is up to and who they are talking with.

Right now police in Atlanta are holding the suspect on local charges but more are expected to come down in the coming days.

We will get more details at the news conference at 9am and will keep you updated.

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