Missing in Michigan: Richard Hitchcock

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(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - There is a new search planned for Richard Hitchcock on property in West Michigan

A possible tip sent in the form of a letter to the family of a West Michigan man who went missing 27 years ago is giving the family new hope.

Richard Hitchcock was last seen at a bar in Allegan back in December of 1990.

At the time of the initial police investigation, there was speculation that Hitchcock fell into the Kalamazoo river and died, but his body was never recovered, causing police to keep an open mind about considering the case a possible homicide.

Recently, a letter obtained by Hitchcock’s surviving family, leads them to believe there’s the possibility Hitchcock’s remains were buried in a field in West Michigan.

Steve Hitchcock, Richard’s brother, says use of ground penetrating radar equipment and cadaver dogs indicates it may be worth digging in the area for Hitchcock’s body.

They plan on beginning the dig in the weeks and months ahead when the ground dries.

Hitchcock’s family showed the location to Newschannel 3 – while also asking to not reveal the exact location.

“We have to keep going,” said Hitchcock’s brother, when asked about the previous attempts at finding Hitchcock’s body.

Steve Hitchcock still remembers the month of December when Hitchcock went missing, noting that gifts for Richard went unopened underneath the tree in 1990.

“Sometimes you wonder if he’s still going to come walk through the door,” he said.

Hitchcock was then reported missing on December 28th, and his family – and investigators have been searching for him ever since.

Investigators tell Newschannel 3 there are no signs that Hitchcock may have taken his own life, or any signs of any mental disturbances.

Allegan City Police still consider Hitchcock’s disappearance an open case, and are encouraging anybody with any knowledge about his disappearance to contact the Allegan City Police Department.

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