Man proposes to girlfriend with help from penguin

(NEWSCHANNEL 3) - We've seen some pretty crazy marriage proposals, from lip sync of a song to a skydiver losing a ring, even flash mob proposals.

How about a little help from a penguin?

Mitch and Casey have shared a love of penguins, so Mitch thought there was better way to propose than with help from one.

He decided to send a letter to their house saying they won an encounter with a penguin at the local zoo. A film crew played along as another couple who also won, and caught the whole thing on camera.

Casey accepted by making penguin making noises. The fun didn't stop there.

After Casey said yes, Mitch still had another surprise up his sleeve. They rolled up to a helicopter and jumped in.

Casey said she doesn't need him to buy her presents she would rather spend time with him instead.

The video was posted on YouTube on Tuesday and already has over 11,000 views.