Kalamazoo Police out to keep folks safe on St. Patrick’s Day

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KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - This St. Patrick’s Day the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety is in full "Party Patrol" mode.

But the term "Party Patrol" has a much different meaning for those dressed in green out on the town right now.

Today we talked to the people celebrating Irish and the officers dedicated to keeping people safe.

On St. Patrick's Day, everyone is Irish and for these ladies they made a point of it.

“You get to dress up, the green beer, everyone having fun and enjoying the day,” said a celebrator.

Some decided to capitalize on the Irish spirit. We caught up with Michael, a self-proclaimed leprechaun in Kalamazoo looking to earn a pot of gold.

"What kind of work does a leprechaun like to do?" asked Jessica Harthorn

"We like to do a lot of stuff in the pub, we dance, we do the jig," said Michael the Leprechaun.

Others decided to take off work, filling the Green Top Tavern since 9:00 this morning.

It was a sea of green beer and smiling faces.

We caught up with these folks and asked if safety was on their minds.

“Safety? Yes! They told me not to walk in the snow,” said Corie.

Some honest advice there, but real safety on St. Patrick’s Day is where Sgt. Scott Smith comes in.

“You do get people that do strange things, and some of those include public urination, fighting,” said Sgt. Smith.

He's one of eight extra patrols on Kalamazoo streets tonight keeping the rowdiness at bay.

We road along with him as he focused on downtown Kalamazoo and student housing off WMU's campus.

“We have no problem with people wanting to partake and enjoy themselves and having a good time, as long as they are doing it lawfully,” said Sgt. Smith.

That's all these ladies needed to hear.

“Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”

Police tell us if you're heading out tonight of course have a designated driver and don't hesitate to call KDPS if you need help.

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