Kalamazoo police investigate possible hate crime

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - Kalamazoo Public Safety are investigating a hate crime.

Vandals robbed a gay couple's North Side home and destroyed most of what they left behind.

It happened early Wednesday morning on the 100 block of E. Clay St.

Graffiti written on the living room wall reads "Move or Die," the rest is too graphic to air.

"How dare they come in our home and violate it like that," said Katrina Burks.

Broken pictures, empty shelves and a big mess all left behind for Katrina and Marashette Burks, still waiting to show their insurance agent.

"They didnt even have the decency to bring their own spray paint they got the stuff off my back porch so its really ridiculous," said Katrina.

The hardest part for them, will be the missing precious memories.

"They also took our wedding CD that we had those are our only pictures we had of our special day," said Marashette.

Despite the threats, the Burks say they're not moving.

"I could have seen it maybe ten years ago but now..." said Katrina.

"There's been gay people since the beginning of time were not going away regardless of how you feel about lesbians or homosexuals in general keep them to yourself," said Marashette.