Grisly details emerge in Wyoming triple murder-suicide

WYOMING, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - We're learning grisly details Monday in a triple murder-suicide case out of Wyoming.

Monday, police revealed that Brady Oestrike strangled 18-year-old Brooke Slocum and decapitated her boyfriend, 25-year-old Charles Oppenneer.

Police say they feel compelled to release information about the couple's murders because the public deserves to know how severe the crimes were.

They have spent days at the home of Brady Oestrike, and recovered more than 400 pieces of evidence.

Police say it was a hellish environment inside the Wyoming home.

"In the basement of Oestrike's residence, investigators discovered dozens of firearms, ammunition, numerous knives, and other weapons," said Wyoming Police Chief James Carmody.

It doesn't end there, though.

Police also say they found a large number of computers, cameras, and monitoring devices.

"Items that include restraints that would indicate that Oestrike held the victim, Brooke Slocum, in captivity there for a period of time before he murdered her," Chief Carmody said.

Neighbors say that detail is something they're finding hard to understand.

"The most disturbing part was if she were to scream and, like, none of our neighbors even knew, how nobody caught it, that's the scariest part," said neighbor David Dittmer.

Police say emails show the 18-year-old and Oestrike planned to meet at Gezon Park for sex.

"The conversation also confirms that Oppenneer was to be present, and in the email, Oestrike describes the location where they were to meet, and he offered to pay the victim for sex," Chief Carmody said.

Gezon Park is where police found Oppenneer's body.

"After he was murdered his head was removed by the suspect," Chief Carmody said. "We've not been able to locate his head after a very, very thorough and exhaustive search of the area, of the suspect's home."

Right now, police are working to make sure there are no more victims, and confirm that Oestrike worked alone.

Police say they were concerned that Oestrike's former girlfriend may be another victim, as she filed domestic assault reports against him back in May and June.

But police have located her and say she is alive and well.

Norton Shores Police Chief Daniel Shaw tells Newschannel 3 that he has been in contact with Wyoming Police, working to find out if there is a link between the case and the disappearance of Jessica Heeringa.

He says at this point there's no evidence that Heeringa knew Brady Oestrike.