Former teacher and coach charged with sex crimes

THREE RIVERS, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A former West Michigan teacher and coach has been charged with several sex crimes involving children.

Newschannel 3 first broke the story on Saturday and our camera was rolling as 54-year-old David Wing was led out his Three Rivers home in handcuffs. Police spent hours at Wing's home, collecting evidence.

Wing was in court on Monday, he's been charged with four felonies, all sex crimes involving minors. The latest claims coming in just ten days ago, another stemming back from 2008.

After Wing was led from his home, his neighbors were left wondering why.

"I would just like to know if there is anything going on involving kids," said neighbor Cassandra Foghino, "I think we need to be told."

Foghino told Newschannel 3 that this isn't the first time police have been at the home.

"On the fourth of July there was a bunch of cops down here," said Foghino, "like today."

Court documents show that the last sexual assault charge came in that same day.

Wing is a former coach at Three Rivers and Marcellus, where he was also the assistant principal. He also worked at school districts in Hillsdale and Constantine.

"He would do anything for anybody," said Stan Brueck, whose daughters were coached by Wing. "He taught a lot of kids."

Friends say Wing won a similar case involving a student in Constantine, and tell Newschannel 3 that they can't believe the charges could be true.

"He's a very nice guy, if he has some issues, I don't know, but I feel that people need to step back before they accuse somebody," said Brueck.

Wing's bond was set at $100,000, he's due back in court for a preliminary exam at the end of the month.