Ford Windstar recall bites again in Barry Co. crash

BARRY COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A recall defect on a popular Ford model has struck again, leaving a woman in Barry County feeling lucky she and her 3 kids are all right.

In May we told you about a recall on the rear axle of Ford Windstars that emergency crews blamed for a scary crash which also happened to be in Barry County.

This recall is on Ford Windstars from 1998 to 2003. Just like last time, the woman we spoke with Tuesday says her axle snapped without warning while she was driving.

Kristy Allen owns a Ford Windstar. In fact she's friends with the Windstar owner we did our first story on.

In that crash, the axle snapped and sent the Windstar flipping off M-43.

Allen says she changed her habits after her friend found herself in that crash.

"I don't drive very far. In town use only, besides an occasional trip to my mom's house," she said.

But she still didn't bring it in for the recall work.

"I have one car, three kids [] and I don't have a back-up vehicle to be able to do that," Allen said.

She said her kids would be in the vehicle every day, including Tuesday morning.

"I was headed out country roads where the speed limit would have been 55," Allen said.

Just before that happened, putting off the repairs came back to bite her.

"It was a very loud noise," Allen said. "When I heard it, I assumed I knew what happened."

Luckily, her kids weren't with her.

"The only reason they weren't in here this morning is they stayed with a friend," Allen said.

The axle actually snapped while she was in the parkling lot of a gas station.

"There was a crack, and then I went to pull forward and the rear tires wouldn't spin," Allen said.

Now, she remains thankful that she was able to avoid the ordeal her friend and fellow Windstar owner went through a short time ago.

Luckily, Allen's car wasn't totaled. She still has no idea how she's going to get her car to the Ford dealership in Battle Creek, but once she does, the recall work will be done free of charge.

In May when we contacted Ford about the woman who totaled her Windstar we never got a response. Tonight we did.

The Ford rep says he will contact the car owner to figure out what Ford can do to help and get back to us tomorrow.

We'll let you know when that happens.