Flipped bus, injured passengers part of Emmett Township training drill

EMMETT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A school bus flips onto its side, after colliding with a car in a fiery crash. Dozens of victims are inside, screaming for help.

Thankfully it didn't happen for real. It was all a mass casualty drill for Emmett Township Public Safety.

Newschannel 3's Aaron Dimick was there as the alarm was sounded and has more on how this realistic drill is helping firefighters prepare for real disasters.

Emergency crews rush to the area of Emmett Street and Raymond Road for a horrible accident.

Emmett Township Lt. Tony Geigle say the victims are "from simple walking wounded, ranging to fatalities."

This is real-time experience for first responders, the first time Emmett Township Public Safety has put on a big drill like this.

"The goal here is to evaluate our mass casualty capabilities and identify any issues that may crop up as a result," Geigle says.

The drill included taking injured kids from a school bus and tearing apart a car to remove victims.

Firefighters say a scenario like this isn't that far-fetched, and it's just a matter of time before something like this happens. Geigle says, "We have school buses traveling all over the place, every jurisdiction has them."

A big part of the drill was figuring out who needs help the most amongst a sea of casualties.

It's difficult," Geigle says. "When you see a child that's bleeding, you have to be able to identify, is this someone who's critically injured or do I need to move onto someone who is?"

After this exercise, crews will talk about what they did right and what needs improving. "A mass casualty incident doesn't have to be something where you have a whole lot of people. It could be anything that's going to tax the system," Geigle says.