Family: Accused Wyoming killer not the monster people think he is

WYOMING, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - The family of an accused killer says he is not the monster people think he is.

31-year-old Brady Oestrike is accused of meeting a couple on Craigslist, then murdering them in a Wyoming park, where they planned to have sex.

Police say Oestrike decapitated 25-year-old Charles Oppenneer, and he then held 18-year-old Brooke Slocum captive for days in the basement of his home, in what police call a "hellish environment."

He's accused of strangling the pregnant 18-year-old, killing her and her unborn daughter, and putting her body in the trunk of his car.

Brady's older sister Wendy Oestrike says her family is in shock over the whole ordeal, but she insists her brother is a kind person, and says there must be much more to the story.

"He was the best brother a sister could ever have," Wendy said. "He was overly generous to a fault, and I really do believe that people took advantage of that generosity and that kindness."

Police say last week, Wendy's brother decapitated Charles Oppenneer and eventually killed Brooke Slocum, before taking his own life.

"They say you go through stages like this is denial, well, for me it is denial; I don't believe it," Wendy said. "I'm having a very difficult time accepting that part of my brother; it's not in his character, he would not hurt a fly and I just don't understand all of this."

Police say Slocum met Brady Oestrike on Craigslist, and they say emails show she, her boyfriend, and Oestrike met up at a Wyoming park for sex before the murders.

"I find this very uncomprehendable. It is not comprehendable. It's not my brother," Wendy said. "I don't think he snapped, but he was looking for love in all the wrong places."

Wendy says all of the attention has her family on edge, but she says they're suffering as well.

"With all due respect to the other family members, I apologize if this is what my brother did, but they are not the only ones hurting," she said. "It's just so sad for all of us."

The chief has called the inside of the home "hellish," and says police have recovered a number of guns and knives, along with restraints and recording equipment.