Election decided by drawing

HASTINGS, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - An election in Hastings took an interesting turn Thursday morning.

The final slot for Republican Precinct Delegate of Ward Three came down to a tie.

It certainly is a rare situation. Alan Klein and Carl Ost each received 54 votes on Tuesday.

Since it's too expensive and time-consuming to hold another election for this position, it all came down to two slips of paper. One read "elected" the other "not elected."

The county clerk put them both in a bowl and the two shared a laugh and drew slips.

Klein ended up drawing the winning paper.

We talked to him afterwards about this unique step in his election. He told us he had no clue what to expect after finding out about Tuesday's tie.

"Didnt know exactly what the procedure would be, if it would be a coin toss or if we were going to be sparring in the parking lot," said Klein. "So it does add a new level of excitement because normally you're just sitting at home watching the election results so this adds a little bit to the whole process."

As one of the precinct delegates Klein will go on to the Republican County Convention later this month to vote for delegates to the state republican convention.

He says he's excited for the opportunity.