Decatur man faces larceny charges

VAN BUREN COUNTY, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) - A Decatur man is facing a felony charge after deputies say he picked up hundreds of dollars off the floor of a gas station and took off with it.

According to Van Buren County Sheriff's deputies, 38-year-old John Agusteli is being held on a charge of felony larceny in a building.

A 52-year-old Decatur woman lodged a complaint with the department which stated that she had lost $1,070 in cash, which was last seen in her purse while at the Marathon gas station in Paw Paw.

After reviewing security footage, deputies determined that the woman had been standing at the counter with her money out, paid for her transaction, and left the store.

After she had done so, another customer could be seen bending over, picking up the money, and hastily exiting the store.

Witnesses identified the suspect's vehicle, and police tracked down Agusteli, and asked him to return the found money.

After initially denying he had found any money, Agusteli agreed to come in and return the money he had found. When he did so, he turned in $120, refusing to admit he had found any more than that.

The County Prosecutor authorized a warrant for larceny in a building, and when deputies went to arrest Agusteli, they found him in possession of $1,603, which he claimed was due to recently getting paid for work out of state.

He had no explanation, however, for the fact that serial numbers on the $100 bills were sequential to the $100 bill he turned in the day before.

Agusteli was arrested, his car was seized as it was used in commission of a felony, and the money was seized in the hope of returning the original $1,070 to its rightful owner.